How “out” does your gf need to be?

Hanging out in the closet?

Is it okay for a woman who you are with to be completely in the closet? Does she need to to be all the way out?

I need for her to be pretty much out to the important people in her life. You don’t have been waving a rainbow flag or anything. But, I can’t be the only one that knows you’re a lesbian.

It would make me feel uncomfortable if you invite me to do something with your family and I don’t even know who I am supposed to act. Am I a friend? A lover? A roommate? Doesn’t feel right.


  1. lol I have found myself in this position many times (sad to admit)…

    If she has just “found” herself.. I give her a time period…usually 6 months. My thing is this…. I understand that women deal with men and might even go through a bisexual phase , but if you choose to be with a woman and proclaim to be a lesbian, I am going to expect that you have already made up your mind, and you are ready to face any judgements that are going to soon come your way …

    Like I always got the excuse, ” my momma dont need to know my business”. Okay, but when you were messing with guys you were telling her about all of the sucking and fucking yall were doing..but now that you are a “lesbian”..everything is hush hush. Hell nah..RED FLAG… or she claims the reason why she doesnt want me to meet her friends is because they might treat me weird….RED FLAG…um sweety this isnt 5th grade, I think I can handle someone looking at me sideways (they are probably curious their damn selves)..and if they are really ur friends they will still love you and support your decision..right???(unless ur ass didnt tell them)….smh…when I see this behavior it just lets me know that she is stilll unsure about her sexuality, but wants to still reap the benefits that come along with “wifey” status…because she knows that I wont settle with anyone who is bisexual or even treat what we have as a relationship.

    So yea, she has 6 months to let her friends and fam know. Shit afterall, i have my sanity to keep in tact…I dont have time to be playin “I SPY”: SOME DICK..stressing about whether or not you are going to leave me 5 years from now for a guy, because the only reason why you left them alone in the first place is because your last bf pissed you off because he didnt like to give u head……mmm mmm not happenin here chief!!!


    1. LMAO @ telling her momma about all the sucking and fucking. To me it does mean that you want to keep your options open. You don’t want to just go telling everyone that your gay…just in case you change your mind and go back to men.


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