Quit lying!

I can’t stand a no-reason-ass liar. What the fuck are you lying about? Really? Why? People will lie about shit people didn’t even ask.

Let me tell you guys what happen with this woman I was seeing. I created a fake Facebook account to check her out. I did it because I had a feeling about something. Quite frankly she has done a few things that would give anyone more than a feeling. I still wanted to have proof. I will fill you in on all the situations later. But, this one is a doozy.

So, the page was made and I put some really cute pics of this girl as my pics lol. I was trying to be all slick about it too. I put that I lived in a whole other state and stuff. Well, I didn’t want to just add her as a friend and just start talking out of no where. So, I was going to wait it out. I know this is some real stalker shit, and I have never stooped so low, but I had to yall. She really thought she was slick, and I just had to tell her she is a damn LIE! She always has a dumb ass answer for everything too, ugh.

As I was waiting for the right time to hit her up, BAM, she sends me a message. First, she had commented on my pics right away. Okay, no harm. Then SHE sends me a message; I responded and kept the convo going.

First of all she had that she was in a relationship on her profile. Something told me she had her settings set up to only make that information available to ME. I was right. That was the purpose of making the whole page. I wanted to see if everyone could see that she was in a relationship. Nope, I was the only person who could see she is a relationship. Shit, I already knew that bit of information.

Here is where it starts getting funny. Gut-Busting funny really. I was talking to her on cam at the same time. So, she was typing back and forth to the “fake name.” She was taking forever to talk and was typing a whole lot. I knew she was responding to “me” of course. But, I ask…”what are you doing? Why are you taking so long to respond and what are you typing?” She goes off into a whole LIE! She says “Oh, remember my friend I was telling you about, she was just updating me on her situation, and she said this and this and that.” Literally pretended to read what “her friend” is writing to me. I am like OMG, “we” weren’t even talking about anything serious. She still made up a lie. I mean she went on and on and on! Then she says she is taking so long because she was writing on my page. She actually did take her ass to my page after she finished writing to the “fake girl”, and wrote a bunch of shit to make it look she was writing to me some of the time. I am thinking, this girl lies so damn smooth its crazy. Remember I was looking at her on webcam people! I always knew she was lying, but to see her do it in front of my eyes and know for a fact it is a lie, it was hilarious. I always know when she is lying, but never had tangible proof.

Anyway the convo was getting good; she gets off the phone with me. Do you know she stayed up talking to “me/thefakegirl” until 6am? Then called me at 8am saying she couldn’t sleep no matter how much she tried. Oh, really? LIAR! The shit is…she didn’t even need go into her big lie. She is really a pathological liar. She could have simply said she just couldn’t sleep. I just went along with it. Pretty much I think everything she said is a damn lie. I was no longer interested in her, but I the information. She always thinks she so damn slick. The insult your intelligence kind of liar. Which is the worst, at least get creative woman.

Anyway, she is telling the “fake girl” our whole relationship. She was an asshole in the relationship and the “fake girl” let her have it lol. I was going hard for me lol. I told her she was selfish, toxic, all kinda good stuff. She started creating things and exaggerating stories to make it look like I was doing stuff too. All of the shit was dumb and I made sure the “fake girl” told her too. She even said “are you sure your not my gf?” HAHAHA I said “no, I would run so far from you and your drama.” I really went there with this nonsense. She said that “I” had the same points her “gf” had. YUP! I didn’t even pretend to agree with her nonsense. I stayed up until I had to go to work. I got no sleep, because I was really sitting here wasting my time with this woman.

So, she calls me per usual when she thought I would be up. Not knowing my ass had been up all night with her foolishness.

I didn’t say a thing! She even continued the conversation with the “fake girl” in my message box, when I signed off. Really? OMG! She wasn’t trying to get with the “fake girl.” But, the “fake girl” clearly thought she was an asshole and was trying to be “helpful” in helping her fix her relationship.

Can you guys believe this? Stay tuned…


  1. Beautifully written, very informative… and Craaaaazy all at once.. loved reading it… Sad enough there are way more people out there like this than you think…;-/


  2. ::still laughin@ the term “no-reason-ass-liar”::: My ex, I wont mention her name (LE)<<>>> BLANK “___” >>>PERIOD “.”

    but anyway we broke up, more like I broke up with her ass, and tried not to commit a crime before I walked out that door, but a yr after we broke up she gets married to one of the dudes she was cheatin on me with…and I forgave her crazy ass and decided that I could be her friend on Facebook because shit…i aint want her ass, and Im happy someone was stupid enough to marry her, cuz we (lesbians) dont need her ass walking the streets… ok im rambling now…back to the point..

    we become friends on FB and we are exchanging stories about how happy we are with our mates (and I was really happy at the time, I cant say the same for her)…so she tells me that her and her husband was starting a bus company (sounds suspect) and they already had one bus, and was makin mad money off of it …so im like “word????..thats whats up” . I was really happy for her..

    so I have another ex who works in the finance office at this “you pick-u pull” place. Sorta like a junk yard where they sell lil put-puts to get u from point A to B…and u can go find parts for ur car from other cars that are being gutted out ..or u can donate or sell the car to the place and they give u $300.00…

    So my ex who works at the joint called me and was like yo..Le just called up here trying to sell us this raggedy ass car and when we went to go pick the car up it wasnt there….i was like sounds like some scandoulous shet…so two weeks later my ex calls me back and she was like..yea Le came up here and they brought a different car and we gave them 300.00 and they bought a raggedy ass neon…so I was like hmmm..So the next time I was on fb i was like, how is everything going??? she was like girlllll my husband just bought me a brand new car..I was like for reallll?? What kind of car he get u (not that it mattered because a ride is a ride, but I wanted to see if she would lie) …she was like girl he got me a 2009 dodge charger (the car I told her I wanted when we were together)…so I was like hmmm…so I was askin her questions about the specs, and she must have did her homework because she was answerin them…so we live an hr away, and one day I went up to her city to visit some friends and stopped at a 7 eleven…when I was walkin out the store I saw this lavender colored neon with a doughnut tire on the front sittin next to my car, and I saw the driver hurry up and turn around (acting like she was gettin somethin out of the back seat) I looked closer and noticed it was le…so I kindly tapped on the window and she popped up tryin to look all surprised..I was like yo..sup..long time no see..she was like yea…so I was like what happend to ur charger? she was like o its in the shop because something was wrong with the brakes and they gave us this temp car..i was like o ard…so her husband walks out the store and im like sup, and she was tryin to cut me off talkin about..ok ok it was good seein u…so I talked over her and was like man I know u mad that u had to put that charger in the shop already and yall just bought it..he was like what? I was like the dodge charger u bought for le..he was like I ain buy no charger..I was like oh????….so I was like how is the bus company coming along..he was like what?? I was like yall bus company, how is that coming along? He started laughin and was like girl u crazy, what are u talkin about… I looked at her and she snapped and was like why the fuck are u all in my business…so I started laughin and got back in my car…BOOM! VICTORY WAS WON….her ass got caught up…I guess thats why she’s been so quiet on FB lately…lls


    1. LMAOOOOOOOOOO! Some times you just have to “bust them.” People really need to stop. That girl is exactly what a no-reason-ass-liar is. Who asked her shit? LOL…no one! That was such a funny story..cracking up @ “how is yall bus company coming along?”


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