How does this trust thing work?

Do you just enter into a relationship and trust this person from the gate?

Or do you start out with no trust at all?

I start somewhere in the middle. Kind of indifferent, really. I don’t trust you or not trust you immediately. I don’t know you yet. The things you do or say will determine which direction this trust thing will go. If I feel like you’re being honest and open, then my trust will increase. If I feel your dishonest or something isn’t right it will decrease.

I do not want to just come into it not trusting a thing you say. That is usually based on past experiences and I like to give people their own chance.

I also won’t just be eating up every word that you say like an asshole either. You won’t be telling me you have a bridge over in Brooklyn to sell me. Nah, honey. I will call you out on it EVERY TIME…and if I don’t…I probably don’t care enough to waste my breath.

Generally, I am cautious. I am very skeptical. I go off of vibes. If I meet someone and I get a good vibe from them… that is usually a good sign. If I get a bad vibe, I AM ALWAYS right that you’re probably not a good person. If I don’t get a vibe @ all…then you could hiding something very well.


  1. Just a stranger chiming in here – I think ‘cautious’ is a good term when it comes to trust. They’re still sort of a stranger – at there’s not a whole lot of reason not to trust them, but at the same time not a whole lot of reason to trust them either… so you start out cautious but kind of in the middle, and gradually end up leaning one way or the other as you interact with them more.
    Most people tend to say, “I don’t trust anyone at all till I’ve known them for a long time”, but I think this article is more technically correct.


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