She used to be so sexy

What happened? I used to crush on her big time.

I know they said she was older than she claimed. But, she looks a whole lot older now. I still got love for her though. I remember the hug she gave me back then and her body was RIIIIGHT lol. Boobies were sitting lovely…did I just say that? I definitely got my “lesbian hug” on girls.

Hi Free…me still likes you honey.


  1. MAn she looks cracked out now..whats up with that runny ass eye liner???? and yessss her body use to be right! I remember she was in smooth magazine sprawled out on this piano wit her ass up…and she was talkin about how she liked to have her ass rubbed to help her fall asleep….i was like damnnnnn free…shyt now she look like she got uneven botox injections in her cheeks (tell me her left, our right, cheek doesnt look like its on steroids) wtf….and whats up with that head??? her weave looks like some road kill on 95 south…and is her damn pinky nail missin polish??? come on son…not hatin..jusss makin an observation


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