Is sex important?

How important is it for you to have good sexual chemistry with someone? Do you have to be sexually attracted to someone in order to have sex? Can a relationship be successful without it?


I like good sex. There really isn’t anything worst than not being able to climax. Why would I want to keep doing this to myself over and over? I’m just saying. I like being able to get drip drop soaking wet. There should be a flood in my lady’s pants. I like to feel that connection. I want to know that I have that effect on her and she has that effect on me as well. We need to instantly start thinking about us making love, from just a look or something that Is said. I know if I get the right look…I am on it. =)

I think sex is very important in feeling and staying connected. Would I stay with someone if there was no sex? I think I would. If I loved the person, I am sure it would be for more than just sex.

That chemistry needs to be there. It is supposed to feel passionate and not like a chore. When it starts feeling like a chore that is when people have less and less sex. I want the sex to continue forever and ever lol.

Sex is important, but good sex is even more important. I do not think that is the only thing needed for a successful relationship, but it helps.



  1. I ain going to lie to myself anymore..or even lie to other people…i have to be 100% sexually attracted to you if we are in a relationship..I have to love ur body(if it changes in the course of us bein together i will still love it)…and feel like no other chick can do me like you do me…I like a chick who goes all out…I made the mistake of bein wit someone recently..actually its been almost a year ago…but I was sexually attracted to her until she took off her clothes…and even then i was like..ooooohhhh kay?…i can still work with that…but the sex was horrrrrrrrible..worse sex i ever had…it was like one of those scene’s in a bad 1980’s porno flick..u the skinny black dude wit a jerry curl wearin white tube socks..and a no ass havin white chick actin like the chick in the shower on those old herbal essence commercial…ooohhh ahhhhhh ahhhh haaaaaaaa!!!!!! ….dumb shit

    like she was so fake…i just stopped…and the relationship was decent but i knew we werent going to last..because we only attempted to have sex like 3 times within 4 months…i was frustrated..she didnt even know how to kiss…i dont think it was the chemistry… i think it was her!…she sucked..point blank period….i was thinking about my ex before her and missin her like crazy…so nah…there is no..well her personality is nice…or i can work with that…..nope…i gotta want that body and she is going to have to want all of me as well…no half steppin….back in the day i use to give people a chance no matter how they looked if we connected on other levels…but not today chief….i want my fantasy girl who is a lady in the street and a freak in my bed..and damnit thats what im going to have…::side LQQK:::


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