So, what is your label?

What is up with all these labels in the lesbian community?

I am pretty much over most of them, especially when we are labeling someone else. I hear a new “term” every week. Really? Uh puhlease. Ok, I get the whole fem-butch thing. Yes, I said butch lol. But, you know the “ag” and fem thing. Ok, cool. So, what if everyone does not subscribe to that way of thinking?

I actually like when women/people do things outside of the norm. Shoot, I like doing it myself. I really don’t want to “fit-in” to everything. It is quite alright if I don’t actually.

What annoys me is when a “masculine” woman is “forced” to be something she is not. You know the whole “your not an AG” if you do this or that thing. Who says? You choose to live your life the way you choose, so STFU and let others do their thing. What ever the hell that is to them.

I think we all feel pressure to live up to our labels, whether we choose them or not. I think fems try to be super fems, when they know damn well they don’t want to. I think “AG’s” feel like they have to be super AG when they don’t feel like it.

Personally, I am over it and I don’t really waste too much energy on it. If I meet you and we click, lets go. I am not too concerned about your labels. I am more concerned about the person and their outlook on life.

Ok, now what is this “Two-spirit” label? It suggests that one possesses a female and a male spirit. In essence, the term Two-spirit acknowledges that a LGBT person has both a male and female spirit within them. HUH? I am waiting for the day I meet a woman who tells me she is “Two-spirited.” If she doesn’t get out of my face! What are you even talking about? I have no idea people. Is it me? Could be. I remember when we were just under the LGBT umbrella. Now it is LGBTLMNOPQRSTUVWYZ.

Anyway, I was also one of those lesbians that tried a “different” label for while. I was younger then. It was almost as if I felt like I had order to attract women. It is harder being a fem and try to meet other lesbians. So, to me dressing “boyish” made things a lot easier. Plus, I liked “looking” gay. What does that even mean? I also wanted men to leave me alone. It didn’t work tho, I have a feminine face. Plus, men could really care less half of the time.

Over the years I realized I don’t have to dress a certain way to be respected as a lesbian. I can do what, I want when I want. I am attracted to both fem, non-fem, and in the “betweens.” The in “betweens” are quiet sexy, may I add. I care more about the person and not the clothes. Yes, my way of saying things is “fem and non-fem.” I really don’t bother with the rest. It just gives me a general idea of what they dress like if we’re describing someone. You have no idea what you’re getting when you just base things on the label.

Most of the time the label doesn’t match the inside anyway.

Feel free to comment.

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