Bad sex

Since I am talking about sex…

What is up with BAD SEX? What do you do? What next? Would you continue to be in a relationship if the sex was just BAD?

I honestly would like to think I would try to “work” on it. If I really liked the woman, I would give it another shot. I wouldn’t just say no way.

Then again, who has time to be teaching someone every little thing. I don’t even know how to teach sex. What would I even say? “Um, can you not do any of what you just did to me again.” That is not very nice.

When it is bad do you just let them “finish?” Or do you stop the ridiculousness? I think it would be absolutely horrid if I do my THING and she does NOTHING. You know…she is looking all exhausted and satisfied….and you are completely sexually frustrated?

They can leave me out of it.

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