What do women want?

Who knows?!

Seriously, they claim to want someone who will treat them well, be there for them, be faithful, etc. Really? Lies. They want someone they have to chase, someone who treats them like shit, someone who loves to argue, because apparently they like to argue too.

They want someone who will do all the right things without being told to do so. Really? Nah, they want to beg for what they need.

Women are…I dunno…crazy? No, I can’t say that because I am a woman too.

I realize it is just a circle of craziness. When they had someone who would provide what they needed, they didn’t want it. Then they find someone who isn’t worth half the time and they put in their all. So everyone is going round and round in a circle and leaving broken hearts all around.

Why do they let the good ones go? But, hold on the the bad ones like gold?

Hmmm…When you guys figure it out…let me know.


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