Lesbian Ex-Craziness

It is crazy how lesbians hold on to their exes. Why oh why? Any given lesbian can have all their friends be exes. Ugh!  Blah, I am  not so interested. My friends, my exes, my girlfriend and my sisters still hold on to their ex’s. Yes, I talk to an ex or two as well. But only after it is completely platonic. All this hanging around people you have feelings for and can’t have – is dumb as hell to me.

Plus, women think they are so damn slick. They will bring you around an ex and all that, knowing they are still effing or would definitely eff again. Stop playing! That shit kills me. If I have an ex that is a friend, she will stay there for the rest of her life. There was a reason why I felt we couldn’t work. The ones I really cared about, I don’t even talk to anymore or I wait a whole lot of time to do so.

Why do women even get into new relationships when they choose to still be hung up on another? I think the problem is they try to use the new woman to get over the last. That doesn’t work. They have not closed that chapter. So, now what? The new woman has to sit and reminisce with you? Please…no one has the time or the patience for that mess. Bye girl!

New puzzy will not help, uhkay! Time will. Closure will. Effing a new girl will NOT!

Lesbians please stop dragging all your exes around for the rest of your life. You will push the new girl away rather quickly if you do.

I will never understand why women would rather think about what coulda been. IT IS OVER.  She probably doesn’t want you anymore. If you don’t want her…set up some freaking boundaries!

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