Let me tell yall about this girl I met online. This was quite a few months ago, if not more. Yea, so we were talking for like a week or so. We exchanged pics and I was not romantically interested. Yea, I didn’t like what I saw.

I decided that if we decided to meet we could be friends. I do need friends too. So, it just so happen that she lived a few blocks from my house. So, I said ok, cool. We decided to meet at a neutral location, Dunkin Donuts. We met, talked, laughed (I am funny btw) and parted ways. We continued to talk for a few more days and she invited me over. I said sure, I can walk there..what is the harm?

Well, she told me she had a roommate, which was her friend and he was a gay man. I went there and I met him, he was really cool. I did find out that he was BI though. He liked thugged out guys and will fukk a woman as well. Cool with me. Oh, they shared a room and a bed! Oh, and she was a “virgin.” This was all becoming “a lot” to me. We were in their living room and he just pretty much did the gay boy thing and HUNG OUT with us, which was fine by me. He was funny.

Yea, we were just friends. I kept it that way! You know, real simple. Cool…never coming on to her. No LESBIAN hugs and shit. You know….how lesbians wanna hug you all tight with titties pressing and stuff. Nah, no full frontal hugs here.

We went out to eat like once or twice…I am really thinking once but I will say twice because I can not remember. We split the bill, or something to that effect. Xmas rolls around and she tells me she bought me something and she wants me to come and get it (she moved from around the corner, so she is no more a convenience friend) I told her I didn’t get her anything and I had no idea she would even get something for me. When I say convenience friend…I mean someone who is close by. I thought that was a real plus. We could meet girls together, visit each others home and stuff. NO hassle! Anyway, I was out-of-state at the time and she kept telling me to come when I had a chance. I honestly did not want to go because I feel bad when someone buys me something and I have nothing..especially @ xmas time.

Eventually I went and she gave me the gifts.

I felt weird. I never acted or pretended I was interested, I wasn’t sure if she liked me “like that” or she was just being a friend. Well, after xmas I found out that she DID like me “like that.” Damn. She wanted to know where she stood, huh? So, I told her we were friends and that I didn’t think we would be anything but friends. Well, she flipped. She demanded to know why I did not like her and also that she has been “COURTING” ME for 3 months or so. Yes, she said courting. Sigh.

She was reallllllllly conceited, I am not sure why, but hey. That was a major turn off, especially when she wasn’t half cute. Even if a woman is cute, I can not stand them being too into themselves. I offered her the “gifts” back and she declined. I told her that I did not know she liked me and I kept things platonic. Obviously, she thought over wise.


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