I so don’t want to deal…

So, as you read this blog you will realize that I have a love-hate relationship with New York. Here is a reason why I hate NY.

SNOW! Who the hell really wants to deal with this shit? Seriously! It is nice to look at from the window, but if you have to walk, drive, or fall in it, then it is no fun at all. We had our 1st big snow of the year yesterday, and I am obviously not thrilled. I went to Chuck E. Cheese yesterday for my daughter’s belated birthday gift. That was my “lil hunny’s” 1st trip to Chuck E. Cheese, and she had a ball (She is 15 months old). She is the youngest and the birthday girl turned 3. I was so happy I made it home before it really really became a problem. I did feel the car slide twice though and I just wanted to go straight home, no stopping at go.

So, today I need to go outside to see the damage. I haven’t had to dig my car out of a parking spot in about 5 years (when I moved to Georgia) and I am not looking forward to it. I have no snow accessories or anything. I don’t have the lil thingy that you use to scrap snow off of the car or anything  else. I don’t even remember what I am supposed to do. I guess I will just bring a broom with me and try to handle it the best way I can. Oh, and my car is around the corner, why you ask? Because this is NY and a parking spot right in front of where you live is unheard of…That is a whole ‘nother post though.

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