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I wanted to ask you guys how you felt about PDA. I like PDA. I dont mean damn near having sex or anything, but some flirting, kissing, touching in a discreetish manner is cool for me. It can be sexy too. You know the whole thing of not being able to really have sex, but having fun thinking about it? I know everyone isn’t down. My sister said it is cool if you are proud of the person. Is that true? Does it have to do with pride or maybe just being embarrassed by all this sexual outdoors?

What do you think?


What is the point of dating?

Hey Folks!

I almost forgot about my cute little blog. I  missed chit-chatting with yall.

So, I was having a conversation today with my homie. I think I had another name for her on this blog. I’ll check it out later. But, anyway she is actively dating. The young man she is dating now is a virgin. Yep, a close to 30-year-old virgin. Okay, that is fine. His body. His decisions. In this situation dating means: Met online, had 2-3 dates.  He would like to have another/more dates.

Do you think dating should lead to sex? Can you actively pursue a relationship/continue dating if sex probably wont happen?

I don’t know man. I am not about the whole save yourself for marriage stuff, unless you are actually a virgin. That born-again virgin stuff doesn’t work for me. It is a good idea an all, but for me? Nah, I’m cool.

Plus, I think if you are waiting until nearly 30…why even throw it away at a dime?!

Anyway, I believe I could date a virgin. That could is REALLY strong.  I could not date someone seriously if I had to wait for marriage for sex.

Chime in…




They got me…I was fired!

Remember when I told you guys about the issues I had at my job? Well, problem solved. I was fired. Yep, they weren’t trying to hear me, so they fired me for speaking up for myself. My boss was crying; They went over her head. If someone is fired their supervisor makes the call. Well, because they knew she wouldn’t be down with the bullshit, they just came and fired me. (The same asshole I had an issue with before). Long story shorter, I am looking into suing the organization. I was a good employee. I did my work and got along well with my Director and co-workers. My sister’s friend is a labor attorney and I asked her to speak to her about my options.

I have spoken about the bullshit they are on a few times.

They were looking for another sheep and I am just not with it. They do some fucked up shit and people complain quietly. I speak to who ever spoke to me. I do not initiate contact. But, once I am contacted, I feel, I am free to speak on my own behalf. Yea, well no. I knew I risked being fired for not allowing them to bullshit me. I did think they would have written me up for some some fake-shit or something. I had a clean record; I was never reprimanded or written up. They didn’t bother to go through the normal channels. They created a new firing process for me. The ‘Sucka’ came to Brooklyn, from the Headquarters in Manhattan and told me I had 30 minutes to leave the building. Then he came into my office and started counting down. He was rushing me out the door. I worked there for years and I had 30 minutes to organize myself. He is a piece of work. He is a black man too. If only he knew the organization will never be grateful to him.

Do you know what though? I feel so good. I am happier. I feel better about my future. I was so sick of the fuckery with them. Family and friends were kind of surprised about me acting all cool. But, I don’t feel stressed. I didn’t own that company, so I didn’t lose that much. I just gained some time back into my days. I swear I feel like every day was just flying and I wasn’t really seeing the life around me. I am enjoying this time off. I am going to cherish it, because I know it can’t last forever. As long as my kids and I have a roof, food and our bills are paid, I would be a fool to complain. I am grateful. 

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A sister still has to eat!


Empty My Brain

It is time for me to empty my brain again. Let me see what is going on up there…


  • I am over the snow.


  • I need to become successful on my own, sooner rather than later. I am a bit too rebellious to work for some people. We have a new H.R. Manager who believes I should be doing his work. No, Sir. It was my first time meeting him during a meeting on Friday. And meet me he did. They pay you more, but I should do your work? I guess this is ’12  Years a Slave’ over here. Fire me


After leading the pack and telling him, I felt it was a slap in the face to call a meeting giving us more work to do –  his work to do – without more pay or even a updating our job description, he agreed we should have a one-on-one. I was down. I went to his office to continue our conversation. I dont care how pretty and formal they make it. I don’t care if they use the nice conference room and buy pizza. I am not a slave. This is modern day America. You want more, you pay more and put it in writing.

I felt like he was pissing on me and calling it rain. Or fucking me in a way I don’t like and telling me, I love it. No, I do not like that. I actually hate that very much! Thanks but no thanks! I refuse and I need to know the next steps, after saying NO. So, today he will be following up with me regarding our meeting with a phone call.

  • Sex is on my mind.
  • I can’t stand when people do not speak up for themselves. There were 4 of us “invited” to the meeting. The 4 people who were getting more duties. Do you know not ONE of those other women said shit? I was over the whole meeting and all the attendees. They were taking notes and shit. The fuck are you taking notes for? This man started 2 months ago, he isn’t saying anything new. Same ol’ shit. The difference was he was explaining it in a way, that made it our duties. When it has always been the HR manager’s duties. He decided he had too much work to do and wanted to “simplify” the process. Nah, I am cool. I thought it was already simple.

But yea, they were eating it up. I was eating my slice and sipping my soda. I didn’t write shit…didn’t ask shit and wasn’t interested in the whole shit. The others had the nerve to be “looking” at me in “agreeance.” Then after the meeting, they were on the “same page” as me. Sheep. A bunch of fucking sheep! They had a whole lot to say when the meeting was over. What ever, you do the work with bells on. Don’t they know we are more powerful in numbers?

  • I want to go on a vacation this year.
  • They should give “Mommy of the Year” awards. I want one.
  • I am having a really good time dating.

That is all for now…


What does taking it slow mean?

No, really?

I think it is an individual thing, but I want to hear from you guys. In my opinion, lesbians tend to move quickly. If they like each other they have sex and figure the rest out later. This is a general thing in my opinion. But, there will be times when “lets take it slow” comes in the equation. For straight people, it seems like the woman is expected to “take things slow.”

How slow is slow? This goes for straight and gay people. Should the two say they will date exclusively before they have sex? Should there be some sort of commitment on the table?

The Prospect and I have talked about a lot of things and this includes taking things “slow.” She wants to find the “one” and doesn’t just want to have sex yet. She like most people, including myself, have been there and done that already. I also would like to settle down for real. You know, long-term with an end game of marriage.

I am good with the taking it slow thing. But, we have moved past a few bases – nothing major though. I am going to see how “slow” is “slow.” All I am saying, is I have an appointment with my doctor this week to get tested. I’m just saying. Don’t judge, I like being prepared. She has an appointment too actually. I am not sure if her appointment was already booked. I booked mine Monday, lol. 

If we are really trying to do the “right” thing here and move in that direction, I am going to have to keep my hands to myself.

Personally, I am completely cool with having sex once we are both clear with our papers.

If you like someone, whats the best route to take?

What do you guys think “slow” means?

What would be you “waiting” on?

Not that I am NOT okay with waiting. 

Chime in!

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The “Prospect” and I are progressing…

I have spent more time with the “Prospect.” I invited her over to watch Scandal on Thursday. I figured we were both going to watch, so we could watch together. She came and brought her own dinner with her too, which I thought was great. It was just some soup she picked up and some fruit. Simple. I didn’t cook when I got home from work. I had stuff I could heat up, but nothing prepared. She didn’t have a chance to eat dinner and figured she would just grab something. I heated it and plated it for her and we enjoyed the show. I think I am going to make that a weekly date/thing during the week. We can see each other for a few hours, without the need to really make big plans. Relaxed. She also brought me this really sweet-smelling candle. Thoughtful.

She wants me to meet her best friend. Her best friend is very important and she values his opinion. I am down. So, she tried to make brunch happen on Saturday. It didn’t work out as planned,  so we cancelled. In order to save the day, we still wanted to at least do something together. I asked her if she wanted to go to the movies. We went to a late movie, because I had to wait for my sister to come by and watch the kids. She offered to watch the kids, so I could go on a date. I cooked dinner earlier in the day for my sister and kids. They had rice and peas with ribs.

I picked her up from her house for the first time. She invited me in for a few minutes before we left. Her place is nice, I will fit in just fine there lol. I met her sister and her sisters’ sons. Her sister knew “of” me already. Her sister was hilarious. She purposefully left the house when we were walking to the car. It was like an “Oh, what do we have here?” moment. It was cute. She wanted to see what I looked like and said her sons didn’t know how to be smooth with it. LOL, they came out the house like “HEY AUNTIE!” They were nice. It was brief, but I am sure I will meet them again.

We saw the Tyler Perry movie: Single Mom’s Club. Corny. It was kinda funny, but dry at the same time. The plus side was I had great company and I had an unused movies gift card from Christmas. It was a win.

Our conversations are great and we are really getting to know each other. I even found out we went to the same elementary school and lived in the same neighborhood. I wonder who knows her from my family? I hope no one.


I like someone…

It is still fresh, but I like her so far. She is smart, grown and  I likes. She is attractive and we have chemistry. We had lunch and she was courteous, which was nice. I drove that day and she got out to get the parking ticket instinctively. I can appreciate someone who is thinking ahead. It was a last-minute lunch idea, but she went with the flow very nicely. She gets points for not over-thinking sudden lunch plans.

She invited me to a comedy show last weekend and I had a really good time. The show was funny as hell and I had good company. We went to Harlem to a Dominican restaurant first. I ordered mafungo for the first time and it was different. I thought it would be soft, it wasn’t.

She opens car doors. She paid for our date. Which worked out nice, because I paid for the sitter. It was really easy and nice. On Sunday, my sister decided I should have a “dinner party.” That just means I cooked and invited a few people over, my sisters, my sister’s girlfriend, my cousin and I invited her over too. It was super last-minute and I wasn’t sure she would come. I didn’t want her to feel pressure “meeting” my family. But, it wasn’t like that at all. My sisters are really regular and within age range. So, there wasn’t anyone there that would make things feel strange. But, I still told her she could bring a friend if she wanted a “wing-man.”

She came by her self. She seemed comfortable. She liked my food. I made stew chicken, oxtails, rice & peas, curried sweet chickpeas, a salad, ackee and my sisters brought wine. My parents are Caribbean, so I stuck with those dishes on Sunday. She thought we needed dessert, so she was thoughtful and brought cookies.

It was a nice evening. Some people hadn’t been to my “new” apartment, so they got to see where I am. We are totally doing the “new thing.” You know, talk on the phone for hours. It’s nice. She thinks I say sweet things. What can I say? lol.

Yea, so we shall see. We like each other’s company. I think I am going to invite her to the movies this weekend.

I’ll keep yall posted, lol.


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